The Edlu Race

61st Annual Distance Race

May 14, 2016

For IRC and PHRF boatsmy

(With Double-handed spinnaker, Non-Spinaker and One Design Divisions if enough entries are received)


The Edlu Race, first sailed in 1956, is one of Larchmont Yacht Club's premiere sailing events and has long been a classic tune-up race for the Block Island and Bermuda Races. The format of the race was changed in 2005 to transform the race to a day race. 

The spinnaker course is 32 m from the Larchmont Breakwater to Gong 11B off Eaton's Neck and back and the non-spinnaker course is approximately 20 nm.

The start times will be set for slower boats to start first and allow everyone back to LYC in time for the Sailors Welcome Ashore with lots of camaraderie, free hot dogs, chili, beer, rum and live music. Awards will be presented as soon as practicable after racing so that visiting boats have more time to return to their home clubs.

Moorings will be available on a first-come basis at no charge. Please contact Marine Facilities at the Larchmont Yacht Club for reservations at 914-468-7742.



LYC is utilizing Yacht Scoring for convenient on line registration for the Edlu Race.  Please click here to register: Yacht Score  

Amendement 1 to the Notice of Race

Amendment 2 to the Notice of Race


Amendment 1 to the Sailing Instructions


The Edlu Chris Krammer Six Brothers
Black Watch Andrew & Linda Weiss Christopher Dragon
Nyala Leonard Sitar Vamp
Henry Sayers Andrew & Linda Weiss Christopher Dragon
Wilfred Kluss Chris Krammer Six Brothers
Ruth McKay Barry Gold Sundari



Schedule of Events

Sat. May 16 0900 First Warning
  1530 Sailors Welcome and Awards


Scratch Sheet


Photos - Courtesy of

Howie McMichael
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